Welcome to superjamie.org
You must be here because I told you to come check it out!  Well its not too exciting just a little about me, Jamie Wilson and my life here in Fayetteville, AR.  I will try to update this as I have time and who knows i might even start a online diary. Whew that would be scary... To let people know what i really thought throughout the day!
I might have to change the names to protect the innocent in some of my stories...
I work with technology.. What do i mean by that? Well if it plugs in I probably can do something with it.  I work for Fayetteville Public Schools in the Technology Dept.  Im the GradeBook server manager, the district technology equipment purchaser, and help with special projects.  Its a great job... Well I hate calling it a job its a life. Its like a 2nd family for me.  I also do consulting for companies and end users. check out Wilson Technologies for that side of me..
Check out the links and enjoy!